Saturday, February 1, 2014



We sat and planned
Devised and schemed
And thought this sounded nice

We found the how
The time is now
To start this new device

The work must go forth
We must suffer on
And teach of Jesus Christ

Will someone do
Maybe it's you
It's a small sacrifice

No, not me
I cannot today
For I have big plans in store

Maybe then
I'm not so sure when
That's what tomorrows are for.

(The picture is of me waiting for a kitten to come out from under the fence. He was cute and worth the wait. Which kind of goes along with the subject of waiting to act...)
     So now this one we are all guilty of. I often times do it with food in the microwave. I hear the dinger go off and it's all the way up stairs. "Well, this episode is almost done (clearly on Netflix) I'll get it when this one is done." Then the next day I go to reheat some left overs and boom! There it is. Sometimes I just leave it, re-heat it and enjoy. One less step really. Oh don't be astonished. Y'all do things like this too. :P
     I am also very guilty of doing this with missionary work. "Well, I am kind of hungry and I do need to go to the go tracting after." And then, boom, didn't do it. Please don't tell my mission president that. For all he knows, I'm one of the best missionaries there is. And let's keep it that way. This also happens at missionary meetings, where some missionary comes up with a new way to teach people, or a revolutionary way to knock on doors. And, "I'll do it next time."
     Turn to Genesis 1:1. Now, don't get lost doing this heavy task. If you need some help, call the missionaries, they can help you. (: (Preferably me, we need people to teach. The other sets of missionaries will be fine. They can knock doors.) "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Now, if I was in charge of making the heavens and the earth. "Well...I am busy watching the game on my love sack cloud, and I did just create light (vs 3). So....I can do it tomorrow. I have like 5 more days I can make all the earth! It's nbd." Now, we can see why I'm not God! haha. 
     So instead of tomorrow, what can you do today? Can you make light? No, you're not God. Stop thinking that. But what can you do? Missionaries are always begging and pleading with members to help them find someone to teach. Shoot, we don't even need that. Do the members have anyone they don't like and they want us to bug them? Is there any fences we can paint? Elder Sawyer did that one a lot. We are free, quality labor. Why not put us to work? What can you help them do today? What can you personally do? Clean up your room? (Now my mom would have loved me to do that before I left. But, I'm gone now so not my problem.) Shovel the side walks? (Thats for my people out in utah. For the people out here in florida, rake the yard.) What about sharing the word of God? "Well, I see them every day. I can invite them to church tomorrow." 
     No no no. You can not be thinking: "This missionary is a missionary. He doesn't know what it's like to be a member and have a life, job, family and the Superbowl to watch." Please. I actually got sent home early and I was there for about 9 months. And I know what the missionaries ask is kind of a lot. One of my friends challenged me to give 5 book of mormons out. Another demanded me to give someone for the missionaries to teach. And....I didn't do that, but let me tell you what I did do. Long story short, at my place of employment there were a lot of exceedingly fair and beautiful (See 1 Nephi 13:15) daughters of God that came in, and I might have talked with a lot of them. However, I don't know how many times religious matters came up. A lot of these ladies had stopped going to church for this reason and that. I would say things like, "You gotta get your act together! God is great!" Which now thinking about it, is probably why a lot of them didn't ever call me back...:T But, there was one girl I talked to about this a lot. I challenged her to do simple things like, reading her patriarchal blessing. One day she came in and said this, "After talking with you I decided to call my bishop...I might get excommunicated for what I have done, but I know I am on the right track and I want to get my life back in order." I didn't see her get baptized, I didn't invite her to take the missionary lessons, I just talked to her and invited her to act. I didn't say I would do it tomorrow. I did it today. (Well, not today. Today is like 9 months sense I did this but you get my point.) So what can you do today? Instead of tomorrow or sometime down the road, do it today. (: Please?

Don't like what I say? An Apostle of the Lord can say it better. (:

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  1. When I first saw your picture, I thought that you might include the 10 Commandments of Member Missionaries or something like that. Love the poem..."you've got talent."