Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There are some who are better then you
In every way shape and form 
And others will hold you to their height 
And judge you with their eyes of scorn 

There are those who are prettier than you 
Tall, slender and fair 
Whose body is curvy and smooth 
And yours will just never compare 

There are many who are smarter than you 
Who know the worlds twists and turns 
Who can answer every question 
Fingers for math is how you count and learns 

There are people you will never beat 
In what ever field they choose 
But in Gods eyes you will always win 
With Him, you will never lose 

So stop comparing to those who are there 
In front of the television screen 
And look at the one who's in the mirror 
And realize who loves your entire being 

There are plenty who are better then you 
But compared to God they are dust 
So forget about them, and focus on Him 
Cause he loves and died for all of us 

Mr. T, who pitied my lack of Muscles
Once upon a time, now you will have to take my word for this, I used to go to the gym. I used to is the key. I used to be able to get a date with a girl, but, things change. (Thats not me complaining that I can't date on my mission, that was me making a sarcastic sly that I can't get a date with a girl because of my body mass.) And at first I hated going because there are some guys who are thicker than trees. Shoot, I kid you not, there was a 70 year old man there, who was my height, and he was benching more than I'll ever be able to do, legally. And then my partner in crime that would go with me, he has been working out sense nam. And I struggled with comparing myself to e'eryone and their dog in that little gym. I felt like everyone was watching me fail putting up twenty pounds of raw weight. I would often complain to my friend and whine about me not being as strong as the guy whose biceps were as big as my head. And my friend would say something around the lines of "Stop comparing. He's physically bigger than you and you'll probably never be able to lift what he can. Not cause you're not trying, just cause your body is just smaller than his." Then he would always throw in a compliment, "I bet he cant run as fast as you though." How often do we not want to sing out loud, cause we can't sing as good as a professional or the guy swooning all the ladies. How often do we not want to play basketball with our friends cause we can't make a free throw as good as the kid who has been playing since he was in diapers? How often do we not want to perform because we're not the best?
Which drink would you rather rot
away your teeth?
How'd it work for the guy who had one talent compared to the guy who had two or five? He completely missed his opportunity to perform his best. He missed the chance to grow and learn. To gain more than he already had.All cause he wasn't as good as the next guy. If you look around in the world, there are a lot of people. And often times, your best talent, there is someone out there who can do it better than you. Blindfolded. Does God look down on you because you bench less than the guy next to you? Does God look down on you because you're not as pretty as the super model? Is God going to turn you away from entering into his presence because you aren't the tallest best missionary ever? If the answer is yes, then, I'm out of luck. IF the answer is no, then why do we do this to ourselves?
Look in the mirror. You are you. No one else is you. There is only one you. You are the best at being you. There isn't someone out there who is a better you than you are. God doesn't love you less because He wants you to be not you, He loves you for you. If there are people out there who don't accept you for you, thrown them away. We all have our flaws. Our cracks and bumps. We are not perfect. But, I'm the best me out there so I think I'm doing pretty good. I think God would say that too. Don't base your opinion about yourself on what others see in you. They don't know your desires, dreams and thoughts. Sure, they can see your actions, doesn't mean they know you. If I was only me for the way I acted, shoot, I think I would have been burned at the stake by now. Here's an analogy to stump all others. 
Once upon a time, you were walking to walmart and you tripped. Does that mean you are not still walking to walmart? We have all tripped on our way to walmart, and has God struck us down for slipping? We all trip so stop comparing yourself to those who are currently walking and not picking themselves back up. Stop looking at people's facebook pages and wishing you had their life. People make fake profiles all the time. The best way to look like you are having success in life is your facebook. You can pick and choose all the good moments, and not mention the bad ones.All of us have tripped on our way to walmart. Even those who look perfect have tripped too. God doesn't care how many times we slip and fall, He cares that we keep walking and try our best to show up to His door. Have faith not only in Christ's atonement to wipe away all your mistakes and trips. Have faith in yourself to do these things. Have faith that you can do this life. Have faith that you are someone of worth. Have faith that you are the best you out there, no one is a better you than you.
I kept going to the gym and I got stronger. Of course the other guys there got stronger too, but, does that make my personal progress less? I am what I am is what some great man said, and so are you. I have kept walking to walmart even though I have tripped so many times. God loves me for me. And He loves you for you. 
Some people made me and my companion sock babies, and they made his taller than mine...

Scriptures: Exodus 3:14, Matt 25:15-29