Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Well my life had this 
And I suffered from that 
I've fallen and tripped 
And been laughed at 
You don't know how hard 
It is to get by 
So stop comparing 
You can't even empathize

Well, her life was lonely
Being left on the street 
No family or home 
No shoes on her feet 
You're blessed more than her
So stop complaining 
And crying abused wolf 
You don't know true ailing

Well, he felt so blue 
He couldn't see the light 
All he would dream about 
Was ending his life 
You at least have 
Self image and confidence 
You never chose 
An everlasting consequence 

Well, he was betrayed 
And His friends did deny 
He was scourged and beaten 
He was unfairly tried 
He didn't complain 
As he took on your sin 
He said he loves you 
As nails were driven in 

Back in the day of elementary, girls had cooties. So me and my friends were complaining about how annoying girls were and how bad we had it being chased in kissing tag. "Yeah, I had these two girls pin me down by the slide!" "Oh, yeah? Well, I had five girls chasing me!" Then there was always the kid who took it over the top and beyond. "The teacher chased after me! Ewwww!" Probably to put him in timeout but fort the sake of one upping, the exact details are not needed.
Another thing we would do as kids was play knights and dragons, cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. It was all fun and games till an argument started. "I shot you with my dragon fire breath. You're dead." "No I'm not! A wizard put a spell on my armor so fire dragon breath doesn't hurt me! And then I chopped you with my sword so you're dead." "No! My dragon scales are so strong that swords don't cut me!" And our play time ended up with us getting in a fight over who was dead, hating each other and then five minutes later playing again. #littlekidprobs
Being a short guy, I complain about myself all the time to all those tall guys out there. Shoot, in the women's standard work of what to look for in a man, one of the first things in there is, "tall, dark and handsome." Shoot dang it, I strike out with the first one. Life isn't always fair. And see from my perspective, I've got it bad. And when I'm surrounded by tall guys and women looking for tall guys, I can complain all the day Long. But when a shorter guy walks in the room, I have to complain about something else otherwise, all those sympathy points I have been laboring to receive will be thrust upon the midget that enters the room and then what do I have? Maybe I can complain about not having enough facial hair? Cause something we people seem to do, is play the pity party to get attention. And then it becomes a competition on who has it the worst in life.

Feel bad for me, I dislocated my arm
Like we did as little kids, we still do it now. We compare, complain and compete with just about everything under the sky. Even when it's something silly like girls, cops and robbers or short people problems we still compete one with another. So why do we do it with life's challenges and hard ships? Telling someone how bad you have it and going into details to get sympathy points doesn't do any good. It doesn't solve any problems or make anyone's life easier. Giving excuses and tweaking the reality to make it sound harder than it really was doesn't change the fact that we all have problems. I stubbed my toe once. Someone got their toe cut off. Someone never even had a foot to start with! Have we gotten anywhere? Have we fixed anything? Has anything changed? 
Christ wasn't up on the cross crying to the other two thieves saying, "Well, my cross is higher than yours and I've been up here longer than you." He took the sins of the world upon himself, did He walk over to Peter and say, "These are the things you struggle with? LOL. These 'challenges' you have are a walk in the park compared to most. Let's see you do what I have to do." He did all that He did because He loves us. Because He wants to help us through this life. So stop trying to make your life sound harder than it really is. And if it's really that hard, whining about it won't change it. Let's say Christ never rose from the dead. Everything He did was moving and touching. But it doesn't inspire me to do much because life beat Him down and He never got back up. But, He did rise and that's the part that motivates me. Not the nails in His hands but His resurrection. It shows that when life gets me down, when I fall like Christ did, I too can rise. 
Instead of telling those in the dust you've had it worse, just help them up and tell them that they can do it - cause you have too. It motivates them to rise up and even though they will fall again, it will be worth it. It doesn't make them feel stupid for falling down a hill cause you fell down a cliff. We have all felt sad. Whether you have mental depression or not. We have all felt mad. Whether you have an anger problem or not. We have all been tempted. Whether you're an alcoholic or not. We have all felt alone. Whether you're a homosexual or not. We have all felt the trials of life, so has Christ. He has felt it all and did He tell you in your darkest hour, "I've had worse."? Did He reach out his hand and wince and say, "Ow! Sorry, these scars from nails in my hand are still tender..." He has fallen and we have fallen. He is risen and we too can rise.