Saturday, August 30, 2014

People be like

People be like

If thou wilt, thou cants make me clean
The leper begs please
Christ Jesus laughs
As he goes past
He has places to be

He took his first watery step
And walked towards the Lamb
Peter slipped
Then he tripped
"It's not my fault he left land."

She had suffered for bloody years
So she exercised a particle of faith
She grabs his coat
Her hand was smoat
"That woman needs to learn her place."

What if Christ acted just like
The way we do socially 
Would he have done
What only the Son
Could do to save you and me

I don't know if people here in Florida will be able to understand the story I am about to share cause it will involve snow, so I will make a FTV (Florida Translated Version) after the story to help my brothers and sisters out here. I really like to snowboard, I would go every week and then sometimes take a sick day from school and go to the slops to shred some gnar. One problem of snowboarding, your feet are strapped in and so you have to keep your momentum going when you are going over flat parts. Otherwise, you will have to un strap one foot and push yourself to the next hill. And during my pre pro life of snowboarding, I would often times find myself stuck. And I would have to unstrap one foot and proceed to look like a fool and push myself till I reached the lift or a hill. Occasionally, someone would hear my silent prayer and pull me along. And by someone, I mean a skier, even though they are basically the scum of the mountain thinking they are all that, they can sometimes be nice gents. They ski past us struggling boarders all the time, this isn't a unusual occurrence on the  mountain.

(FTV) So now, I will compare the snow like unto a truck stuck in the mud. You can't get out of the mud often times until someone comes and pulls you out of the mud. Understand?

Well, them skiers be like, "Stinks to be him, should have learned to ski." And they ski past, some laugh and troll us boarders as we waddle on by. Some other skiers be like, "I gotta get to the lift before the line gets big!" And they ski past. Other skiers be like, "I'm better than that boarder anyways." And they ski past.

(FTV) Some truckers just don't want to pull you out of the mud. Get it?

But, one day while I was on the slopes I saw a little girl who was new to the skiing world. She was trying to go up a hill to reach her parent. This girl who was being brought up in a world that was so full of pure evil was struggling just like I had so many times. And so I un strapped and pulled the girl up the hill. Her mom was very nice and thanked me a lot. And then I snowboarded away like a gentleman and a scholar, not wanting to receive praise like most skiers do.

(FTV) Even though you're a UF fan, stuck in the mud. A fan of FSU pulls you out of the mud and they go their way.

When we are stuck, we look for someone to bail us out and to give us a hand up. But, when we see someone who is stuck, we often times just keep on walking by. Some even take the time to make fun of you for your situation. Usually a skier or a UF fan. What if Christ was like us? What if He had the attitude like we did towards someone who is struggling? If you would want Jesus to pull over and help you out, why wouldn't you help someone else out?