Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Star Trek and the Book of Mormon

Star Trek and the Book of Mormon

Captain Kirk says, "Space the final frontier"
Those are the very first words that you hear

Into Darkness replaced The Wrath of Khan
It's good, but plain and simple truths were gone

Big explosions and graphics didn't hurt
And Uhura looked good in that tight skirt

These are the focus of modern day man
If you're a Trekkie, then you're not a fan

The new ones are bad, there could have been more
Lame space movies is what Star Wars is for

No Genesis Project, no Spock in space
Their could have been more, it's such a disgrace

They change it so it can be read simply

But truths were lost as with The Wrath of Khan
Until the Book of Mormon came along

Just like how Spock is Captain Kirk's wingman
Just as the Bible with the Book of Mormon

Go boldly where you haven't gone before
If you ask, Mormons will come to your door.

     Well....I got some help on this one. I don't know much about Star Trek. I watch real movies like, Finding Faith in Christ or Prophet of the Restoration. To me, and I know I will probably get shot for this, Star Wars and Star Trek seem the same to me. One has a light sabers and then the other...well....it's different? I had my companion Elder Lake help me craft up this post. For, "I live in sin" according to Elder Lake. But the point we are trying to get at, is the more you water things down, the more you are to lose.
     Think about when we were kids and we would play the telephone game. Where you're in a line and one person starts the message and then whispers it in the ear of their neighbor. Then the neighboring kid whispers it in their neighbor's ears. And this process is repeated until the line runs out of kids or it gets back to the person who started it. The starting message could have been something simple like, "Elder Goodrich is thee best missionary every." And then as it gets passed through the line, the message gets distorted from the original message. "Elder Goodrich is a missionary." Then it reaches a kid like me who purposefully goes out of his way to ruin it. "Elder Goodrich is single and ladies feel free to write him."  And when the final message is re-said, it's different from the start. It has some of the same stuff like, "Elder Goodrich" but then it messed up the "best missionary ever" and inserted "feel free to write him." Things have been added and taken away from what was said. 
     This is how it is with the Bible. It is ancient journals that testifies of Jesus Christ. The original scripts were translated, then those were translated, then those were translated and some plain and simple truths were lost in the translations. Look at all the different versions of the Bible we have now! It has the same message of Jesus Christ, but it is missing simple things that help testify of Jesus Christ! This is where the Book of Mormon comes into play. It has been translated by the power of God, once. No other ear has been whispered into like in the child's game of telephone. It's the original message of, "Elder Goodrich is thee best missionary ever." Told once, told completely and told simply.
     The Book of Mormon and the Bible go hand in hand like Spock and Kirk. They are playing for the same team. They have the same goals. They are on the same ship saving the universe. They are different people, with unique view points on the same thing. It's like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They tell the same story slightly differently cause they are different people and see with different eyes. Isiah testified of Jesus the way he did, and so did Nephi. The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ just as much as the Bible. Same Jesus, same atonement, same God. Just told by different people."The mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established." (2 Cor 13:1) This isn't a foreign practice, it's not a new thought. It is how it's always been. There is God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. There are the 12 apostles. There are all the prophets. Shoot, when God made Adam, "Now wait...something isn't quite right. :T Lets see. Lets put him back under and make another one." (Gen 2:18,22) Just like this poem, Elder Lake helped me make it. We are two different people working for the same goal, as is the Book of Mormon and the Bible. (:
     Do you not have a Book of Mormon or are confused at what this wanna be Trekkie nerd just said? Well, here's a place where you can learn more. (: mormon.org
Don't like reading? Here's a video A Book of Mormon Story

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