Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I will never forgive them
I will never forget
The things they have done
I hope they die in regret

They've hurt me too many times
I simply can't move on
They should be cast out
And join thy son of the dawn.

My son died for them and you
He bled from every poor
So what's it to you
If I forgive them once more?

Child, why keep holding on
And remember your pain?
It just drags you down
What is there for you to gain?

On your knees you cry and plead
For you sin all the time
But, I still love you
You're still a child of mine

So please, forgive and let go
It is time to forget
The things they have done
Or you will die in regret.

We all have those people in our lives that we think this way about. Or, maybe I'm just a terrible person who hates anyone who does me wrong? Stay on my good side or I might write a Poem about you. Wow...I sound like Taylor swift. Moving on. I used to play soccer when I was a younger lad. As y'all know, I'm not the biggest of the big but, I could handle my own on the field.

 I actually enjoyed the bigger kids cause they thought they were going to run me over and I loved proving them wrong. But, even though I could physically take them on it still didn't change the fact that there were players just as capable of doing damage to me as I was to them. And often times if I would get hit, taken out or schooled on the field. It wasn't anything personal, it was just soccer. After moments of humiliation I would make a personal vendetta towards them. Sometimes I could care less if I won or loss the match, all I cared was to see them on the ground. Crying was always a bonus. What did that do for me? Nothing. I would lose my head and focus more on hitting the player instead of the ball. Which meant I was more careless, I wasn't playing as smart and I had a different goal in mind instead of winning.  But, until I saw them burn, I didn't care what happened. If I didn't get them that game, I would remember their number and wait till the next time I played them. Instead of playing soccer, I was playing man hunt. All of this because someone hurt me and I couldn't forgive. Shoot, I almost broke a kids ankle I got so fired up over this. Another time, I laid a kid out and he didn't get up. The whistle blew then I ran back to the kid and helped him off the field just to rub it in. The parents for the opposing team were cheering for my sportsmanship. (They didn't know I was the one who hurt the kid) If people cheered me on for that, I would gladly help walk their entire team off the field. And all cause I couldn't forgive. "Well, that's soccer it's different." Tell me how. Someone hurt me, and I didn't forgive them. That applies to a break up. That applies to a bully giving some kid a wedgie. That applies to an abusive parent. It applies to the roman soldiers to nailed Christ to the cross. Whether or not we asked to be hurt or brought it upon our selves, it is our choice to be upset. It's also our choice to forgive. Most of the times when I was hit on the field, it wasn't cause they hated me and were wanting to spill my blood, they were just playing the same sport I was. But I was the one who got offended. There is this guy named Amalickiah who is on one team and there is this guy named Moroni and he is on the other team.
 Long story short, Moroni's team wins. And Amalickiah is just like me and he gets T.Oed. And swears vengeance and wants nothing else to see Moroni burn. This eventually leads to Amalickiah dying by the hands of another player named Teancum. Teancum eventually dies by another team cause he gets just as upset as Amalickiah did and wanted revenge just like me and Amalickiah. (This sounds like this could be a soap opera) Why are they fighting? Why are there so many people dying? Well, let's see. If we go to the very start it's cause two brothers won't forgive their little brother. The little brother didn't go out of his way to offend his older brothers. Just like the opposing players on the soccer field, they didn't go out of their way to hurt me. But the two older brothers, and me, got so upset that they wouldn't forgive, they wouldn't forget and they wouldn't move on. And because of this, a nation is eventually wiped out because people wouldn't learn to forgive. You will get hurt again and again. Whether you ask for it or not. It's life. Just like soccer, I knew what I was playing, I knew I could get hurt, but I wanted to play. We came to this life knowing we would get thrown down, cut and hurt all the time. But we chose to come. Does holding a grudge do anything but make your life and their life more miserable? A man who was much greater than you and I was killed for unjust causes. And want to know what some of his last words were? It was him asking God to forgive those who hurt him. In the long run, it's the merciful who obtain mercy. Do we want our words to be damning? Or do we want our words to be forgiving? It's your choice, so chose.

Scripture references: 2 Nephi 5:2-4 & Alma 49-51, 62 & Matt 5:7

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