Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am Not

I am Not

We all try to live and be like him
What if he was you
Could you heal or free them from sin
What could your priesthood do?

"Please, If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean."
A leper man cries
But you were at the party scene
You walk and say goodbye

A man thought he could walk on the ocean
Peter starts to sink
He yells for your saving motion
Can you put down your drink?

She suffers much and she bleeds a lot
Its how she was born
Your words of peace come to a stop
As you dream of your porn

They look up to you as pure and white
Clean without a spot
Could you bear the thought and or sight
To tell them you are not

        We've all had moments where we have been called upon and we aren't exactly prepared or ready for that calling. I'm not talking about just spiritual stuff. Think about moments in school where you were called to turn in your homework and you either didn't do it or forgot it. My home was really close to my Jr. High so if I would forget something at home, I would just tell my teacher I'd be back right quick and then I'd run home. I eventually worked out a deal with some teachers that if I would grab them a coke or pepsi on my way back, they wouldn't
tell on me. I wasn't complaining.
        When I was in elementary when they were trying to get us kids to enjoy having a planner. We were supposed to have our parents sign it off for us to show that we did it. I didn't do it so much that I eventually started forging my parents signatures so I would stop getting docked grade points.
        Are you ready to be called upon? I have these biblical instances in this poem where Christ was called upon by others to preform. What if He couldn't do what the people had faith He could do? What if he was more like us as wasn't always ready to be called upon? One night when I was actually home. If I remember it right, it was either really late or I was really tired so I was in bed when I got a phone call from my mom. Half out of it I answered the phone and she sounded kind of strained. She had fallen and split her head on a dresser and was wanting me to take her to the hospital, what if I wasn't sober enough to drive? What if I was out partying with a lady and wasn't able to answer my phone? I was literally called upon to be able to act. What
if I couldn't?
When I was younger my parents signed me up for a snowboarding class. 
I'm not bragging but me and my brother were the better ones of the class. Once we road up to the top of the mountain with our class and we kind of left the group cause we didn't want to wait for the small ones eating the yellow snow. A small group of kids came with us (we got in trouble for that) and we just left the group. One of the younger kids didn't have a pair of goggles and he kept falling over or hitting things cause he was basically riding with his eyes closed. He asked if he could use my goggles for the rest of the run. What if I didn't have any goggles like him? I feel like this is a Boy Scout training...
        Lastly, I had graduated from high school and was visiting my home ward. Right before worship services started a priest aged boy came and asked me to help bless the sacrament because they didn't have enough people to do it all. What if I wasn't worthy for that calling? It wasn't like home work where I knew what was coming and I procrastinated. The call came from out of no where from a kid I didn't really talk to. Just like when my mom called, I didn't get a heads up that day by her telling me to be ready to take her to the hospital. What if the kid snowboarding with me didn't trust me enough to ask me for my goggles? Or what if I didn't have any goggles to give? What if Christ wasn't ready, trusted enough or worthy enough to do the things the people asked him to do? Are you ready to be called upon by you friends, family or God?

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