Wednesday, September 24, 2014



He laughed and was blue
He made us all laugh, from me to you
He was set free
No, not just as the genie
Someone so loved
Is now watching from above
Popularities consequence
Is the loss of self confidence

Im beautiful they say
The voice within says theres no way
He told me Im his friend
Inside I felt Id be alone in the end
She started to laugh
She probably thinks Im a psychopath
He said He loves me
The other said, You'll burn eternally

Christ calmed the waves
The storm didn't choose to behave
He said, move this mountain
The earth cannot say no and choose to stand
But you, you have choice
You can listen to Him, or hear your own voice

The more honor cords, the better I am, right?
Those are all my older brothers...
This is a problem I have seen a lot of. The thought of, the more I have, the better I will feel. How many times I walk in somewhere and see this delicious looking food. So I load up my plate cause for one, I dont want to get up twice. And second, I know that I will be able to eat more then I have put on my plate. And thus where the saying comes in, eyes are bigger then your stomach. Or, there was this time where I needed to get a hoodie. Well, I didn't need it, but, I knew if I got it my life would be complete and I would probably get more dates and girl friends because I looked so good. Well, at the store there was only one hoodie. It was a double XL. If any one knows me, I am very much a M t shirt sized guy. But, I needed it. So I bought it, and then I only wore it inside my house. Never took it outside cause I looked just down right stupid. But, I knew if I got it, I would feel better. Right?
I'm the dork in the middle, with size 11 shoes
My goodness, the ammount of parallels to this subject and my clothes is crazy. I have size 9 feet, and I got a pair of size 11 shoes just cause I knew I would look so cool in them. I got this V neck that, well, I don't need to describe it. It just looked bad. But, at the time I thought it is what I wanted and needed. And they would bring me happiness. All those shoes did was bring me blisters. And a lot of funny looks. 

One time, me and my friends went to a gymnastic gym. And, I'm not very good at doing back flips and my friends are. They were practicing doing standing back flips, and doing flips off the wall. I could see how much happiness that was bringing them that I knew I had to be able to do that so I could be cool like that. Well, long story short. It didn't work out so well and all I ended up getting was being laughed at by my friends and breaking some of my ribs. Not worth the flips. Not worth it at all, but, I'm not the only one who gives up something like breathing or laughing comfortably for something we think will be better. Like Judas Iscariot. 

 He was an apostle of Jesus Christ. He was personally with a man who thousands of people would wait to see. He personally witnessed for Jesus Christ. He went out there and shared the good word of Jesus of Nazareth. The man who can heal the sick, raise the dead and cause the blind to see. And, forgive me for over reading into the scriptures. I am taking poetic license to prove my point. After all these wonderful things and more, Judas, was not happy. He was set that the things of the world could bring him happiness and comfort. He thought that a little more cash would enable him to reach the next level. Maybe get the latest pair of Jordan shoes. Or get an Xbox One. Or whatever the fad was back then. So, he thought that the extra cash dough would calm the storm inside of him and allow him to finally be happy. 
The more ladies the better? Right?

The only person who can calm the storm inside of you is Christ. In Mark 4, Christ rebukes the waves and commands the wind to cease. In Matt 17:20 Christ tells you that if you have faith of a mustard seed, you can walk up to a mountain and say, "Hey, I need you to move." And it will peace on out. Those waves and that wind didn't have to decide what to do. That mountain doesn't weigh the pros and cons of moving before it decides to go or not. They are commanded and they do. But, you, now you are a different story. We as humans have agency. We have the ability to say, "Yes" or "Bite me". So we can listen to Christ and be at peace. Or, we can let the storm rage on. And a lot of times on the path that follows Christ, we have to move our mountains for Him. He is going to ask us to do things that will not be easy. He is going to ask us to give up everything that we have for Him. He's going to ask us to give up our will to follow Him. Because He did the same thing when God had a task for him to do. (Luke 22:42) Instead of the original thought of, "The more I have, the better I will feel." God says, "The less you have and the more you give up, the happier you will be." It's going to be your choice weather you will or wont. He's not forcing you, all He does, is ask you to follow Him. 

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